Thursday, November 22, 2007

Google commercial...

What a lovely Thanksgiving we had today in Litchfield. I must say it may have been my all time favorite meal. Ever. Now that is a bold statement! Just a buffet of delicious food filled with color, zest, and oober doober yumminess! Mmmmm!! So the four of us, minus sonja and tyler, returned home around 6:30. After some coloring book-age, a game of yahtzee commenced. "Mia, that fly on the wall is bugging me", Mom says. "Okay!" So I swat it onto the floor. Liana gasps, "Mia! Don't squish it!" And I say, "I didn't! Just slip it into the vent or something." Then low and be hold, daddy comes over to save the day and picks up the little lady bug and brings it outside. Then I say, "Do lady bugs have hearts?" No response, simply blank stares followed by a confident "Yes" from Liana. Wait...or do they? Do they have lungs? A brain? What capacity of organs can a tiny thing like that possibly contain? Let alone an ant, or lice for heavens sake! So dad returns to the table and we wre all convinced that he would have some words of wisdom for us. "So dad, do bugs have hearts?" "Um...I don't know? Lets google it." Aha! Perfect google commercial! A bunch of dummies sitting around talking about the anatomy of bugs. So now I need answers...someone tell me the truth! Please!

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