Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The drive...

Soney, I couldn't agree with you more. For tonight on my 2.5 hour journey home at 11pm, it was your words on the other end of my tattered little cell phone which kept me going...kept me going so much that I even passed my exit and continued to talk for 20 minutes before realizing it. Thanks a lot. Jeesh..But really ladies, Liana included of course: it truly is incredible the way that our minds seem to work in the same off-beat, unorthodox, 'mind-boggling sea of complexities' type of way. And Sonja, I must admit. Our horrendous first-date stories have become somewhat of a weekly subscription of mine. And yet, there are moments like tonight where we both can sit down and just take a deep breath and say, wow. This conversation with my sister just kicked the ass of any man out there! So thank you, for being my butt-kicking phone talking chummy buns.

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