Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My night

Mia was on her cell phone for two hours as she drove back to St. Cloud from Duluth tonight. It is Thanksgiving weekend. She had just finished her last server training shift at the Timberlodge and must have needed someone to talk to. Someone in particular. Perhaps a sister in west coast time who is still up at 11pm on her Northern Minnesota watch on a Tuesday night. That's where I came in.
Meanwhile, I had been thinking about going to the gym tonight to lift some weights before my run tomorrow (still preparing for the Vegas Half Marathon- especially after hearing Liana had run 10 MILES last night.. I fear I may fall behind this madwoman). Also, going to the gym means not spending any money in this crazy city before the holidays strip me of my so-called income. It also means not watching TV all night (as I shamefully resort to after a long day's work on many occasions). Not to mention the fact that I might feel awesome before hitting the hay.
But tonight was an exception: it was good quality sister time- forging the divide like Oregon Trail that our physical limitation creates- by pushing a few buttons and making the time to really ask "what's goin' on girl?"
I am never shocked to admit the calm that follows a good conversation with someone you don't have to explain everything in detail to, or comparatively, who shows appreciation for details of your horrific first dates or the guys who just won't. go. away. no matter what you say or do. Quite obviously, our conversation is fresh in my mind.
It reminds me of the good grocery shopping talk that Ty and I had last Saturday. Crescent Rolls forgotten had us doubling our time, but it was definitely for the best: the recipe turned out perfectly, and I got Ty for about 45 minutes on prime Saturday night minutes.
Damn it feels good to have a Hall. Or 5.

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