Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Christmas list!

This is Sonja's informal christmas list, in no particular order. Aren't you excited? The wait has been killing you, I know.
-a funky, patterned blanket
-a picture frame
-a new scarf
-gloves/hat that are water resistant
-big, colorful, quality Panasonic headphones that go over the ear, not earbuds!
-kitchen stuff: apron, decor (our kitchen is offwhite and green mostly- so maybe something dark to spice it up?)
-nifty rainjacket (size Small or Med, depending on fit)
-warm beret hat or puma/sports beanie hat, but not those tight fitting ones. I like them to fold over, old school style.
-socks and underwear?
-art supplies- specifically art pens/markers, but I need more of everything (always)

I know you've all got great taste, so please use this to catapult from in case you are stuck.