Sunday, December 2, 2007

Winter Storm Warning!

Sitting here in my house...while looking through the white haze out my window I can almost make the black nissan maxima, or lack there of, in my driveway. 10 inches folks, yep, 10. And it would be one thing if I could laugh at the thought of the other 5 members in my family trudging through the snow, scraping their windshield with a credit card, but no. Washington D.C. = High of 50 degrees, light rain. Las Vegas = 60 degrees and sunny. And heck, San Francisco = high of 63 with fog. DULUTH MINNESOTA = high of 10. I repeat, ten degrees! I just thought it was hilarious that for the first blizzard of the year, I was the only Hall in the whole state to see it! Yes, please, take a moment to chuckle...I had better go now, before my car literally freezes over. Psh.

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