Monday, March 24, 2008

Brain dead

I cannot possibly contribute anything worth 2 bits(Grandpa Boyd term) as I am currently brain dead. Alas, it is but a temporary condition brought on by the
time of day after the type of day. You dig? Actually, the funniest meaning of
the term brain dead is the description a friend of mine gave me of her new hometown of Brainerd, in the winter. Let's just say, there isn't alot going on in that Northern Minnesota town from November til May. So now I am inflicted with the same symptoms as a town. I don't mean to belittle the seriousness of brain dead, mind you. It would be an awful thing if it really was your problem. But would it BE your problem? You wouldn't really know would you? ..."By the way honey, you are brain dead now." "Okay, thanks for telling me."...?? What are you all doing these days to prevent your brain from, shall we say, becoming like a town in the middle of winter? I, for one, like crossword puzzles, rock concerts and staying on top of 4 fabulous busy kids, all involved in exciting walks of life. Would watching HGTV by the hour also help? Do I need to switch to the documentary channel?
Talking politics has never been so stimulating so there's another brain booster. Like an injection with a needle. Whatever happens, I donate my brain to science. "She was SO brain alive! She even learned, at age 52, how to write on a blogspot!!"

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