Thursday, April 10, 2008

take a walk!

Never underestimate the power of a good walk. Leave the headphones at home, toss on a pair of sneaks and hit the pavement. No destination necessary...just some time! I've gotten to do a lot of this in the recent weeks, and it amazes me what our brains are capable of. I'm really thinking about writing a book. Not sure on the title yet...but just to randomly walk up to one hundred people, maybe even snap a picture...and just take the time to really say, "What's your story?" I must say I am guilty of stereotyping at first glance, but I would love to break that barrier and maybe even learn a couple of things while i'm at it. Any suggestions?? There is a large man sitting across from me in the coffee shop with even larger headphones on...and he has his eyes closed while tapping his feet back and forth and saying aloud, " so on...haha! This is where I shall begin my book! Later ya'll...oh, and by the way, lately I have been uncontrollably using the word "ya'll" In my daily vocabulary. Slightly strange, and somewhat embarassing! What ever would have caused this. I'm such a cool cat, that must be it.

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Laurel said...

Who is Humankin? Liana, Sonja or Mia? Please don't make me wait until I hear one of you say ya'll. Good post by the way. Laurel