Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Musica, por favor?

So I never thought of music as a form of "energy depletion" However, today after sitting in the library for a few hours with the various artists of "Pandora radio" streaming through my earphones, I realized there were definately a few tunes which I had to immediately turn off. I did this because I really did not have enough "energy" to listen to them. How, is energy related to what we hear? I've never experienced that before. But when the song "hide and seek" came on my Imogen Heap, I had to turn the dial (or mouse I suppose, dial sounds cooler) immediately. It's not that the song is very fast paced, in fact it is very slow and should be quite soothing. Hmmm....strange! Does anyone else experience these symptoms? If so, lets elaborate...And question of the day:
How are maraschino cherries produced? Is it a regular cherry which is just fermented? And on that note, how do you grow cherries? What environment is necessary? And do they grow on trees? Answers please. This is mebbie speaking by the way. Also, I have permanent goose bumps. Why is that? I remember telling people this when I was younger but until about a week ago, I forget I had these strange skin malfunction. Why is that? It's not that they disappeared, they've been there like a tattoo all these years yet somehow it slipped my mind for about a decade. Weird, ten years ago I had double digits. I'm so old. Tywee pretty soon you won't be able to walk me up for children's sermons anymore :-)

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